Pure Cotton Pad 60pc

Rp 100.000

100% Pure cotton pad with 2 side pattern, no artificial colour, & less residue.

The textured one for natural exfoliator. Another side for toner / mask purpose.
- Gentle & Effectively remove dead skin cells.
- Perfect for your DIY face masks.
- Gentle enough for removing makeup when soaked with micellar water/cleanser.

isi : 60pc

Ketebalan: 60x60mm

Main Ingredients 100% Pure Cotton

The 30-second beauty routine

  1. Wash your face like you normally would.
  2. Take a mesh side and soak it in your regular toner.
  3. Dab it gently with minimal pressure over your face.
  4. Spend a little longer on areas where you often get breakouts and blackheads, rubbing in a circular motion.
  5. Layer another one with the soft side / for DIY mask or TONER MASKING Method